September 1, 2014

White Denim Short and Basic Tee : Chicago Trip

Shoes: Banana and Republic // Shorts: old similar // Top: H&M // Bag: Coach (outlet)
This was the beginning of our summer vacation, the first stop being Chicago. We drove to Chicago from Upstate New York, and stayed there with family for a few days and saw some friends. Every time I visit Chicago, I wonder why I don't live there. It really is a perfect city to live. It was super hot that day, so we went to see the Natural History Museum and our friends took us out for some delicious BBQ at an asian restaurant, Gyu Kaku, which I highly recommend for dinner. 

We paid some ridiculous amount of money for parking downtown Chicago, then I found out about Spot Hero later when we passed by Chicago on our way back home. If you want to find reasonably parking, you should really try Spot Hero. I am sure there is more to do in Chicago, and we will be coming back sometime in the future. Adios Chicago!

August 30, 2014

15 Things To Do During 12-14 Hour Flights

1. Get settled 
2. Watch a movie
3. Stretch and walk around
4. Eat a meal and make sure to have some wine with it
5. Take a nap
6. Play tetris
7. Eat snack
8. Read something preferably boring to make you sleep or very good to kill time 
9. Stretch and walk around
10. Watch another movie / TV show
11. Eat another meal
12. Listen to music
13. Take a nap
14. Play more tetris or any game
15. Just sit around

August 27, 2014

August Empties Skincare, Foundation, Hair and Perfume: Video

I was so happy to do this video, so I could get rid of my trash. I don't like to keep empty bottles, because it really bothers me that I have all these things that need to be thrown away. I am bit OCD that way. Anyways, Quinn from Desgettier and I did empties this time to share our empties for the month. I have my first exam this friday and am losing my mind memorizing things that I can't even pronounce. So gotta go. Enjoy!

August 25, 2014

White Navy Blue Dress with Red Shoes and Pearl Necklace

Dress: Zara // Shoes: Nine West // Necklace: Tiffany's

I wore this Zara dress for my white coat ceremony. After looking for a dress all day, I finally found this for $25 among clearance items. It needed some repair that took me 10 minutes to sew, which was not a big deal. I did see a few gorgeous dresses at Nordstrom, but they were just not good enough to be splurged on for my wallet, so I skipped them and don't regret a bit. That is really it for today.

August 23, 2014

L'oreal Infallible Eyeshadows Review

L'oreal Infallible Eyeshadows came out a while ago and everyone is pretty much over them at this point. I am almost there if I finish writing this review. I have them in eternal sunshine (top) and amber rush (bottom). Eternal sunshine is just true gold shimmery shade that could be used to add some shimmer to other shades or just alone for basic makeup. Amber rush is just beautiful shimmery copper that is wearable as a base or just on it own for natural makeup. 

What I love about these shades is that they are shimmery in a way that is appropriate for daily makeup, but can be intensified for special occasions. They are creamy to touch and blends effortlessly. I use my fingers with them, because it just seems to be better than brushes. 

The only problem is that the lasting power seems to be different between shades. Eternal sunshine lasts all day for my oily lids, but amber rush does not even last a few hours without primer, which was super disappointing. So I recommend L'oreal Infallible Eyeshadows in Eternal Sunshine for sure, but in Amber rush, if you do not mind the short lasting power, then really go for it. 

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