onitsuka tiger serrano sneakers review


I bought a pair of nikes last year (featured in this haul). I actually really liked them (see it here in my old outfit post), but this year I made a mistake of wearing them in the operating rooms in the hospital when I shadowed doctors. After a few of those shadowing experiences, I really did not want to wear them anywhere else. They are my hospital sneakers now. I needed a new pair and bought Onitsuka Tiger Serrano from Nordstrom. 

The descriptions told me to buy half a size bigger because this particular model runs small. I usually wear 6-7 in US size depending on the shoes. I wear 6 for open toed shoes, 6.5 for pumps, and 6.5-7 for sneakers. I went with 6.5 and they fit perfectly with 1 finger space in the back. I think 6 would have fit me without any space, but it would have been bit tight. It runs smaller in the front section, hence the sleeker look, which explains the size recommendations. 

I was not sure about the lilac color for daily use, but I absolutely love it. I already got so many compliments on them. The color is perfect for spring and will always pop out, and add characters to any boring casual outfit. My only concern is that it is probably going to get dirty easily. The rims are suede and seems pretty durable. The body is satin and the stripes are canvas. They feel conducive to cleaning and I am not too worried.

My husband has been wearing Onitsuka Tigers for years, because he loves how they look and comfortable they are. Since he has back problems, he makes sure his shoes are comfortable. I considered this converse chuck taylors, but decided against them for now, because they don't have any support. Onitsuka Tiger Serranos are really comfortable and have enough support that they won't hurt my feet if I stand around all day, which is important to me, specially after learning how shoes could affect your health (but did not scare me enough to give up heels for sure). 

If you are looking for a new pair of sneakers, you should definitely check them out. I also bought Onitsuka Tiger Ultimate 81 model as well, but I have not made up my mind about them. I will review them regardless when I make my decision though. 

full body workout with blogilates: playlist


The photo probably came from www.blogilates.com originally. I found it on some random website.
I tried at home full body workout since February watching Cassey's video from Blogilates. If you want to know how I started out, read this post here. As I mentioned before, I changed the playlist a bit. I included all the 6 minute works outs for thigh, abs, butt and arms in addition to pop pilates for beginners video. I warmed up with a short video in the beginning. 

I love this list. It takes 1 hr 10 minutes, which translates into exactly 3 friends episodes. It was hard in the beginning, but it got better each time. I did it twice a week until mid march and then  slacked off a
bit. I want to do this once a week and possibly twice a week if I am good. I still can't do some of the
exercises completely, so until I am fully ok with this routine, I don't think I will be switching it anytime. If you are feeling brave and jump onto that new year's resolution, definitely try this playlist here

If you know anybody else on youtube that is worth checking out for workout videos, please let me know.
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